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Panasonic 250 Auto Sensor Glass Sliding Door

Panasonic 250 automatic sliding glass door operator can be single door bearing weight 250kg, double open 250kg*2, which can meet the requirements of most entrances and exits. It adopt a permanent magnet synchronous motor with the service life of up to 1 million cycles and The door opening time will be automatically extended to avoid frequent opening and closing when there is a high people flow.

Product Description

Product Description


*Permanent magnet synchronous motor with the service life of up to 1 million cycles
*The advanced technology induction probe is used, and the appearance is Panasonic patent
*The controller volume is substantially reduced
*A new manipulator is provided for intelligent management of automatic doors

*Multi-function: It has automatic, half-open, one-way, normally open and locking functions, and can be connected to the backup battery module, electric lock and access control.

*Safe and durable: It has passed 500,000 inspections and has good anti-falling performance

Technical Datas,

Engine unit number (with auxiliary light sensor)NCXZ12525FNCXZ12542FNCXZ12550F NCXZ12560FNCXZ12584F
Track length2.5m4.2m5m6m8.4m
TypeSingle open Double open
Door weightBelow 250kg Below 250kg × 2 pieces
Door width DW=800~1500mm DW=800~2100mm
Installation methodSurface mounted
Opening speed100~500mm/s (adjustable) recommended safe operation speed ≤280mm/s
Closing speed100~500mm/s (adjustable) recommended safe operation speed ≤280mm/s
Opening time0~30s (adjustable)
Manual opening force during power failure100N (10kgf)120N (12kgf)
Ambient temperature-20~+50ºC
VoltageAC220V±10% 50~60HZ

Sectional View,
Panasonic PS250 Track is surface model and made of high strength aluminum alloy. height 153mm,Depth 130mm and for heavy duty door exclusively. 
Heavy Duty Panasonic 250 Automatic Sliding Glass Door Operator

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