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  • Panasonic H3 Automatic Glass Door

  • Panasonic H3 Automatic Glass Door

  • Panasonic H3 Automatic Glass Door

  • Panasonic H3 Automatic Glass Door

Panasonic H3 Automatic Glass Door

Panasonic H3 automatic glass door can be Single door bearing weight 90kg, double opening 90kg*2, which can meet the requirements of most entrances and exits.It has rich functions, such as open, closed, half open,exist,etc. Connect to the battery, electric lock, sensor and access control.More important is the door system has passed the 500,000 life test and the operation was trouble free.

Product Description


*60W DC brushless motor power: powerful power, high transmission efficiency, large torque and long service life
*DCU can be upgraded to further improve the product safety and versatility. It can be connected with functional parts such as electromagnetic lock, access control and remote control, achieving the design of automatic door operation parameters and states;
*New sensor with the installation height up to 3 m, and the sensitivity knob can be adjusted for different detection ranges

*The door machine has passed 500,000 life tests without any operation failure.

Technical Datas,

Rail lengthSurface:2.1m, 2.5mSurface:2.1m×2, 4.2m×12.5m×2 roots
TypeSingle openDouble open
Door weightBelow 90kgBelow 90kg × 2 pieces
Door widthDW=600mm~1265mm600mm~1265mm
Installation methodSurface mounted
Opening speed14~37cm/s (adjustable)14~32cm/s (adjustable)
Closing speed9~35cm/s (adjustable)9~30cm/s (adjustable)
MotorDC24V 60W DC brushless
Opening time0~9 s (adjustable)
Manual opening force during power failure30.3N (90kg)36.3N (90kg)
Ambient temperature-20~+50ºC
VoltageAC220V±10% 50~60HZ

Sectional View,
height 125mm,Depth 100mm track.Its design is very simple and easy to install. 

Panasonic H3 Automatic Sliding Door
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