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Ningbo KAST Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd.

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As a young company founded at 2012 year, KAST has grown to become a dynamic, respected, experienced and comprehensive door automation factory. We are delicated to automatic door development, production and its peripheral products. Thanks to our dedicated commitment and we form complete range of door automations including automatic door, automatic gate, access control system, garage door, etc for your entrance.

We are driven by intensive challenges from marketing. In manufacturing, We use materials that comply with the strict quality controls to promise door automation stable operation. and we will orgnize our engineers to travel around China, communicate with others about the development of industry aimed to enhance creativity and ability to offer an exclusive solution for marketing trend.

2016 year, KAST start to develop clearoom industry. We provide fabrications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, healthcare, science and research, microelectronics etc around China and has beening finished around 15 projects.

At present, We are panasonic automatic door official distributor. Has cooperation with Dorma, Tormax, Besam, Nabco. and work with an oversea engineer to develop a new door automation system which can be easy to install and program.

We hope to boost the long-term development of door automation industry through our little endeavor and more people can enjoy the convenience from door automation.

The brand we can provide

1. Dorma

2. Record

3. Geze

4. Panasonic

5. Assa Abloy

6. Tormax


What we can provide to you

1. OEM service, products research and goods purchasing.

2. Door automation and its accessories installation and maintenance.

3. Installation personnel's training and guidance


Ningbo KAST Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd.

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