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Analysis Of The Automatic Door Market


Analysis Of The Automatic Door Market

Judging from the current market situation, European, Japanese and local automatic door companies have gained a certain share in the market and established their own positioning and development models in the market. And there are countless automatic door machine manufacturers of all sizes. China has become the world's largest market and manufacturing center for automatic doors. The development prospects of automatic doors are very impressive. Global automatic door manufacturers are working hard to seek development in China, and the automatic door market is becoming increasingly competitive.

Because door machines and automatic doors have different design and installation requirements at different locations, manufacturers tend to sell directly to users or cooperate with system integrators who have the ability to install and design. Compared with domestic brands, foreign brands pay more attention to the construction and promotion of brand image. Domestic enterprises pay more attention to the improvement of production and sales. In addition to producing their own brand products, some domestic companies also sell or OEM foreign brand products, with more diversified sales models. In the increasingly fierce competition, each enterprise adopts various methods to expand market share according to its own characteristics. A more common way is to integrate industrial chain production and downstream sales channels.

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Judging from the current market situation, automatic door products are mainly used in the east and southeast coastal areas where the domestic economy is developed. The application range of automatic door products has been continuously expanded to developed inland cities. With the construction of provincial capitals and the transfer of foreign capital to the inland, the use of automatic doors is expanding to the inland.

Some small and medium-sized buildings and service organizations, such as convenience stores, studios, small hotels, etc., have begun to pay attention to the convenience of service facilities, thus introducing automatic doors. The needs of such enterprises provide a wide range of demands for the low-end automatic door market.

Although the automatic door market has developed rapidly under the impetus of all parties, there are also some factors that affect its development. Some manufacturers of automatic door products pursue the maximization of profits and do not do well in the related aspects of raw materials and processes. Part of the automatic door installation team has not undergone rigorous training. The automatic door installation is rough in workmanship and the quality is difficult to guarantee. As a result, after-sales cannot be guaranteed, users have responded strongly. In addition, the automatic door product standard system is not perfect, the requirements are not clear, and the operability is not strong. And most standards are non-mandatory. The discussion and formulation of the standards are still in the process of improvement, and it is hoped that they can play a positive role in market supervision in the future.

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