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Why Do Automatic Doors Need Regular Maintenance?


Why Do Automatic Doors Need Regular Maintenance?

Normally, if any accident occurs within the warranty, the automatic door manufacturer will promptly repair and maintain it. Automatic doors need to continue to be maintained after the warranty period.

The automatic door is the passage of the building, and the automatic door needs to ensure normal and stable operation at all times. Once the automatic door breaks down and stops operating, it will not only affect the image of the building's affiliated company, but also affect the business. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain and maintain automatic doors.

During the use of the automatic revolving door, operations such as starting, braking, and stopping are repeated. Like other mechanical equipment, it will wear out after working for a period of time. Continuous long-term use may cause some mechanical connections to become loose, drive deceleration device lacks oil, load-bearing wheels are severely worn, safety system sensor sensing area changes, braking performance weakened, control system dust accumulation, etc. After the automatic door is used for a long time, if the maintenance and inspection are not carried out in time, it is easy to have some potential hazards, such as the accident of people trapping in the automatic revolving door.

The above phenomenon of automatic revolving door may be caused by the problem that can be solved by replacing small parts. In severe cases, it may directly affect the service life of the automatic door. Especially in some places with heavy traffic, it is necessary to conduct a series of safety inspections on automatic doors frequently.

The automatic door supplier reminds everyone to strengthen the awareness of automatic door safety precautions, jointly create a good entrance and exit environment, and be responsible for themselves and pedestrians who enter and exit.

Automatic doors have become more and more popular. Many shopping malls and hotels will choose revolving doors to increase the company's image.

Maintenance method of automatic revolving door

We can start by observing the door body and carefully observe whether there are scratches on the door threshold. The gaps between the door leaves are very changed, and whether there are signs of corrosion on various equipment. These are the places we need to check carefully. For automatic doors to operate normally, cleanliness is the key, so there should not be too much dust and debris near the automatic door, which will affect the normal use of the automatic door.

Revolving Door

After the automatic door is used for a period of time, we need to clean its case. The case will accumulate a lot of dust during operation, and this dust will cause problems in the use of the automatic door, so the cleaning is very important, and at the same time The cleaning will also effectively prolong the service life of the automatic door, and we must pay attention to whether the automatic door is being cleaned or repaired, the power must be turned off first, so that the construction can be carried out safely.

The cooperation between the components of the automatic door is very important when it is running. It is thought that the automatic door will use the ground wheel on the ground if it wants to open. Therefore, we must carry out long-term maintenance and regular inspections for these things. There is a hidden danger of failure, and rust stains on the automatic revolving door can also be avoided.

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