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  • KW200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

  • KW200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

  • KW200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

  • KW200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

KW200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

KW200 swing door system is a smart, heavy duty, electromechanical swing door operator with an big power to handle heavy doors about 200KG. It is designed to meet wide range of applications with high demands on gentle and smooth operation in combination with strength and high traffic flow like office, commercial building,medical facilities, hospital operation room, etc.

Product Description

Door Features,

* Variety of impulse devices, including switches, push-buttons, finger protection, and sensors

* Can be integrated with access control and central locking systems

* Versatile,intelligent solution with adjustable operation for a wide range of enviroments

* Synchonisation for double open doors

* Easy to adjust, program and maintenance

* Smooth and quiet working

* Compact,modern,smart design

* Ideal solution both for new door equipment and automation of existing manual swing doors7_副本.jpg5_副本.jpg

Technical Datas,

Type of operationMotor opening and closing
Product dimension(mm)518*77*106
ApplicationInterior door
Door opening angle0°- 105°
Max capacity200KG
Open/close speed(adjustable)300mm-500mm/s
Open time(adjustable)1-30s
Manual force(power fails)30N
Power supply230VAC+10/-15%,50/60Hz
Power supply for external devices+15VDC/0.5A max
IP classificationIP20; only for dry enviroments

Opener Drawing,

KW200 automatic swing door system is made of transformer, power terminal, smart controller, big power motor,arm and cover.It can works with access control system like press switch, fingerprinter access control,facerecogntion. Easy installation and programming.
Interior Heavy Duty Automatic Swing Door with Brushless Motor

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