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  • KA250 Auto Sliding Glass Door Operator

  • KA250 Auto Sliding Glass Door Operator

  • KA250 Auto Sliding Glass Door Operator

  • KA250 Auto Sliding Glass Door Operator

KA250 Auto Sliding Glass Door Operator

KA250 automatic slding glass door system is a very cost-effective model in KAST door automation. It can be single door bearing weight 300kg, double opening 250kg*2, which can meet the requirements of most entrances and exits. It adpot a permanent magnet synchronous motor and The door opening time will be automatically extended to avoid frequent opening and closing when there is a high people flow.

Product Description

Door Features,

*Hands free operation is actuated by sensor activation or other automatic activation. The various operating modes  “ Lock, Exist Only, Permanent Open, Half Open, Automatic” can be selected via remote activation ( remote controller).

*Controller adopts smart Microcontrollers, which enrich controller’s function. Solo terminal for sensor activation, photocell and interlock. Various parameter adjustment ,like speed, time, force, direction and battery working position.

*It works with heavy duty bruthless motor , high strength guide profile and three rollers’ carriage which can hold max 80kg. These three points can ensure our door opener can hold about 250kg x 2 double open and 300kg single open door panels.

*Easy to open by hand after power fails.It can open at least 80% within 3s after activation by activators if opening width is up to 2000mm.Battery works after power fails. Door open and keep open or works normally with battery power.

Technical Datas,

Open featuresSingle openDouble open
Opening width1000 - 2800 mm1000 - 3000 mm
Door leaf weight1 X 300 kg2 X 250 kg
Clear heightMax 3000mm
Drive size(H*D)100 X 140 mm
Max. opening speed0.55 m/s
Max. closing speed0.55 m/s
Max.opening & closing force100 N
Hold open time1-10s
Mains voltage,frequency230V 50Hz
Power consumption<100 W
Current consumption of external componentsMax 12VDC, 1000mA
Admissible temperature-20ºC to 50ºC

Sectional View,
KA250 track is surface model and made of high strength aluminum alloy. height 100mm,Depth 140mm and for heavy duty door exclusively. Track is divided into supporting profile, guide profile and rubber. It not only simplifies the installation and maintenance ,but also ensure operator's more smooth and quite working.
Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Door Operator for Max 250kg Door

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