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  • Hygienic Hospital Steel Cleanroom Door

  • Hygienic Hospital Steel Cleanroom Door

  • Hygienic Hospital Steel Cleanroom Door

  • Hygienic Hospital Steel Cleanroom Door

Hygienic Hospital Steel Cleanroom Door

Hosptial steel door is idea for HOSPITALS, CLINICS, AND MEDICAL OFFICES,KAST adopts steel square tube as skeleton and surface with electro-galvanize steel or stainless steel which can meet the healthcare facility hygiene and fuctions. It comes with single open, double open or unequal open door and can be automatic or manual type.

Product Description

Door Introduction,

1. Door Panel,

*Infilling with 50-55mm paper honeycomb and surface with Electro-galvanized steel with powder coating(can chose color as u like). Due to the flush-surfaced design and the use of easy-clean materials, hermeitc swing doors are able to maximise hygiene levels in hospital environments.

2. Door frames& Silicone rubber seal gasket
*Frame and counter frame in galvanized steel(powder coating) with rounded edges or welded 304 stainless steel

*Silicone rubber seal gasket are assembled round in the door frame to guarantee the hermetic seal in the operation room.

*Automatic door seal rubber strip is installed at the bottom of the door leaf,it will automatically rise and fall with ground floor when door open and close, which can promise the air tight in the room inside from outside.

 3.View Window
*Apply double glazing,tempered glass,or frosted glass(400*600) with round /right edges ,totally flush on both sides with the door panel
*Can fill in the window with desiccant or ammonia to prevent from the droplet on the window when the humidity is heavy.

 4.Other Accessories

*304 stainless steel handle lock

*304 stainles steel hingh

Technical Datas,

Door modelSingle openDouble open
Standard dimensionW:700mm*H:2100mm
Door materialsElectro-galvanized steel
Door infillHoneycomb core
Door frame thickness1.5mm
Door steel thickness1.0mm
Door panel thickness40-50mm
Sound insulationRw=33db 3levels(GB/T8485-2008)
Thermal insulationK=2.8W/(m2.k) 5 levels
Observation windowDouble glazing, frosted glass, (right angles/round conners)

Door Drawing,

Hygienic Hospital Steel Cleanroom Door, Double Open

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